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2018-2019 School Year off to a Fun Start!


Students in all classes began the school year with lessons about Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety. A fantastic website for families regarding this topic is

Please make sure your students are practicing their keyboarding skills at home whenever possible. Classrooms are using G (Google) Suite for Education and typing is a crucial skill for students to learn and ongoing practice is essential!

Good sites by grade level:


  • Keyboard Zoo (via ABCya website)
  • Big Brown Bear

First Grade

  • Keyboard Zoo 2 (via ABCya website)
  • (via Clever, link on front page of website)

Second though Fifth Grade

  • Dance Mat Typing
  • (via Clever, link on front page of website)
  • The Typing Club







Happy New Year!


We are sure having fun in the Media Lab! December was filled with lots of coding from the website for 1st through 5th graders. Our kinders began their coding skills using “Kodable”.

Recently, BW’s 2nd graders logged into Google Classroom (with the help of their 4th grade Big Buddies)  and enjoyed creating penguins in Google Drawings. Our 5th graders are currently designing their digital posters using Google Drawings.

Fourth graders have all learned the art of film making including camera technique, acting, and video editing. This is always one of their favorites to experience in our lab.

Students, please remember to practice your keyboarding skills at home. Great (free) websites are:

Dance Mat Typing

The Typing Club

Keyboard Zoo and Keyboard Zoo 2  (kinders and first graders)

A very big thank you to our amazing Foundation for their support of the Media Lab!

Until next time…

Ms. Kathy and the best students ever!

December 2017


Here is an update of what has been happening in our  Media Lab!

At the beginning of the school year, all classrooms had lessons in regards to internet safety and digital citizenship.

Our 3rd graders have recently been working on their digital storytelling. Depending on their recent “read alouds” in their classroom, they are making digital stories recapturing key pieces of the story along with creating artwork to go with their pages.

Fourth graders are currently working on editing their first videos made in order to learn camera technique, acting, sound, and lighting when shooting film. From writing their storyboards to making and editing their films, this is certainly a favorite for all 4th graders.

B-W’s 5th graders recently completed lessons about efficient ways to research and how to avoid plagiarism. Currently, 5th graders are creating amazing songs using iMovie’s GarageBand. It is a joy to watch them create and listen to their music!

All grade levels will have fun with coding during the month of December although this is an area of technology we do in the lab throughout the school year.

If possible, please practice your keyboarding at home. Grades K-1 can practice using Keyboard Zoo and Keyboard Zoo 2. Grades 2 – 5 can use Dance Mat Typing or the Typing Club. Some first graders are also ready to practice using Dance Mat. These sites are all free via the internet.

Happy February!



I have reminded students in the lab to practice their keyboarding at home if possible. Practicing at home will help to build strong keyboarding skills.

Grades 1-5 should practice using Dance Mat Typing. The Typing Club is another website introduced in 2nd grade. These two sites are wonderful as they teach proper finger placement. I tell them speed is not as important as accuracy. The students know their level from practicing in the lab.

Kindergarteners can become familiar with the keyboard by using KeyBoard Zoo  which is found on the ABCya website.

Another amazing website used in the lab is This website is one of the best websites to begin learning about computer science. Coding teaches critical thinking, logic, persistence, creativity, etc. which enhances problem solving across all content areas.  Many of these programs use visual programming to introduce coding and some (i.e. Kahn Academy) introduce coding languages such as JavaScript. There are so many to explore and fun for adults too! The kids love coding and it is a joy to watch them get excited as they move up the levels.

January 2017 update


December was a fun month for B-W students in the Media Lab! We explored lots of coding using the Hour of Code website. Our 5th graders explored the Kahn Academy website and created snowmen using  Javascript. Our younger students had fun with Puppy Adventure through the Tynker website. Many Media Lab visitors coded with Moana, Minecraft, and StarWars using “block” style coding found on the Hour of Code website.

This month all kinders created snowmen and all first graders created snowflakes on their laptops.  We were able to print our work  using our new printer from the Foundation. Thank you Benchley Foundation and PTA for supporting our lab!

Our 2nd graders are currently working on their “Wish for the World” using Microsoft Word. Third graders are working on a document about gray whales to help them become more familiar with Word tools and to learn about whales as their whale watching trip will be here soon!

B-W’s 4th graders have  learned how to edit using iMovie.  They are developing  stories/storyboarding  with their classroom teachers in order to  create videos for iVIE (Innovative Video in Education) entries.


November Update


Thanks for visiting our site! It has been a great year so far in our Media Lab. Periodically, I will post a sample of what we are doing in the lab. Kinders are becoming familiar with their MacBook Pros, including learning the keyboard, and navigating Safari  (how to go to our bookmarked websites). They made cute Jack-0-Lanterns on the computer in October.

First through third grades have been practicing their keyboarding skills using Dance Mat Typing.  Be sure to check out some of the  “How To” videos made by first graders  when they become available (videos will be posted on our website). Second graders recently  enjoyed making movies online. Third graders also had fun sharpening their “parts of speech” skills.

Fourth graders have learned how to storyboard, film, and act while making their “practice” films. Our next step is learning how to edit using iMovie. This is a favorite in our lab!

Fifth graders are finishing up their animated videos and it’s a joy to see their creativity.

So much more to learn and fun to have.

Thank you for dropping by,

Ms. Kathy and her amazing students!