Monthly Archives: December 2017

December 2017


Here is an update of what has been happening in our  Media Lab!

At the beginning of the school year, all classrooms had lessons in regards to internet safety and digital citizenship.

Our 3rd graders have recently been working on their digital storytelling. Depending on their recent “read alouds” in their classroom, they are making digital stories recapturing key pieces of the story along with creating artwork to go with their pages.

Fourth graders are currently working on editing their first videos made in order to learn camera technique, acting, sound, and lighting when shooting film. From writing their storyboards to making and editing their films, this is certainly a favorite for all 4th graders.

B-W’s 5th graders recently completed lessons about efficient ways to research and how to avoid plagiarism. Currently, 5th graders are creating amazing songs using iMovie’s GarageBand. It is a joy to watch them create and listen to their music!

All grade levels will have fun with coding during the month of December although this is an area of technology we do in the lab throughout the school year.

If possible, please practice your keyboarding at home. Grades K-1 can practice using Keyboard Zoo and Keyboard Zoo 2. Grades 2 – 5 can use Dance Mat Typing or the Typing Club. Some first graders are also ready to practice using Dance Mat. These sites are all free via the internet.