Happy February!



I have reminded students in the lab to practice their keyboarding at home if possible. Practicing at home will help to build strong keyboarding skills.

Grades 1-5 should practice using Dance Mat Typing. The Typing Club is another website introduced in 2nd grade. These two sites are wonderful as they teach proper finger placement. I tell them speed is not as important as accuracy. The students know their level from practicing in the lab.

Kindergarteners can become familiar with the keyboard by using KeyBoard Zoo  which is found on the ABCya website.

Another amazing website used in the lab is code.org/learn This website is one of the best websites to begin learning about computer science. Coding teaches critical thinking, logic, persistence, creativity, etc. which enhances problem solving across all content areas.  Many of these programs use visual programming to introduce coding and some (i.e. Kahn Academy) introduce coding languages such as JavaScript. There are so many to explore and fun for adults too! The kids love coding and it is a joy to watch them get excited as they move up the levels.


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