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May/June 2015


Hello everyone!

We have been busy in the Media Lab! Our kinders learned how to use Microsoft Word and typed words that reminded them of Spring. Afterwards, they learned how to insert a picture, pretty fantastic for kindergartners! Just recently our 1st graders got to celebrate the end of the school year in the Media Lab by using PhotoBooth. I love seeing them have fun! This Spring, 2nd graders made their very own newspapers online. Our 3rd graders did a School with Heart (c2012) project using Word Cloud. Fourth graders recently had a lesson using PowerPoint and our 5th graders have been finishing their American Revolution Project using iMovie.

B-W Pandas are the kindest students ever, thank you for a wonderful year in the Media Lab!

Ms. Kathy

The following pictures are of 5th graders working on their projects and 1st graders having their end of the year fun using PhotoBooth.

DSC00604 DSC00605 DSC00606 DSC00607 DSC00608 DSC00610 DSC00520 DSC00521 DSC00522 DSC00523 DSC00524 DSC00525 DSC00526 DSC00527 DSC00528 DSC00529 DSC00530 DSC00531 DSC00532 DSC00533 DSC00534 DSC00535 DSC00536 DSC00537 DSC00538 DSC00539 DSC00540