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January 2015


Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s the latest scoop from room 6:

Our 5th graders have been working on making videos online, making avatars and trying to pass their typing tests! Our 4th graders are finishing their scripts for their iVIE videos and some groups have also started filming. Third graders have been working on a new Microsoft Word activity. This month, our 2nd graders created their own “I Have a Dream” project. I hope 2nd grade parents get a chance to see what their child has written, they were all so inspiring! First graders made their own snowflakes online and will also be working on Microsoft Word later this month. Recently, kindergarteners learned how to sign “My name is” and then finger-spelled their own name. Some of them also practiced signing “What is your name?”

All students at Benchley-Weinberger participated in the Hour of Code and our students were amazing!

I have encouraged all of our students to practice their keyboarding at home whenever possible. Two good sites are “BBC’s Dance Mat Typing” and the “Typing Club”. Kinders can go to Keyboard Zoo which you can find on

Thank you for stopping by,

Ms. Kathy and her marvelous students!