Monthly Archives: April 2014

Spring Update!


Hi Everyone!


We are continuing to learn while having fun in the Media Lab! Just recently, some of our kinder classes got to learn a little about Microsoft Word when they typed¬†words about Spring. Our first graders are working on a special digital story project and they are currently recording what they have written for their e-book. It’s always fun to have them listen to ¬†their recorded voices. Second graders made their very own newspaper articles using an online program. Third graders made “word clouds” using words about B-W and “school with heart”. Hopefully you got to see their creations at Open House. Third and fourth graders have also been practicing the tools in Microsoft Word. Our fourth graders are also learning about online safety. Both fourth and fifth graders have been attempting to pass their typing tests and my goal is to have them all pass by fifth grade. Some fifth graders have been working on a “school with heart” photo project and other fifth graders have been making their Voki’s/avatars.


All for now,

Ms. Kathy and her awesome students in Room 6