Monthly Archives: April 2013

April Update


Hi Everyone!

We have continued to learn a lot while having fun in the lab! We are so grateful for our wonderful parents here at B-W, our new laptops are awesome! Thank you, B-W Foundation, for supporting our Media Lab.

Kindergarten students practiced their “home row” and learned how to use the shift key for capital letters. They were excited to print out their work. Some first grade classrooms are continuing to work on their “e-book” which we hope to have uploaded soon for you to enjoy. ¬†First graders have also been practicing their math skills. Some second grade classes had fun creating a new design for our laptop desktops (wallpaper). Third graders are busy working on their “Famous Artists” projects. Our fourth graders are done making their iVIE films, maybe B-W will take home an iVIE, but no matter what happens, we are proud of their work. More info about our films will be posted soon. Our fifth graders continue to work on their “e-books” and short films for their Panda Pals/Little Buddies. We can’t wait to share it with them!

Until next time,

Ms. Kathy and her wonderful students!