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January update


Hello all,

We have been very busy in the Media Lab, working hard but having fun too! Primary students have been creating movies through interactive sites, learned about self-esteem, helping our school and community, differences between fact and fiction, created crossword puzzles, and have worked on sites to practice spelling, sentence structure and long and short vowels, all depending on their grade level. The fourth graders have continued to work on their iVIE submissions including script and storyboard writing and learning about pitch, tone and inflection when reading their lines. ¬†Fifth graders have been working on a special project for their kinder Panda Pals and when they are completed we will post some for you to see. Other fifth graders have been working on a project that ties in with our “School of Heart” and self-esteem.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to stop by anytime to say hello!

Ms. Kathy and her awesome students!